Ellipse / Elliptical arc

 From:  Michael Gibson
1836.2 In reply to 1836.1 
Hi Petr - yeah currently that "automatic refit with deformable curve" will only happen on Circles, Circular arcs, or full Ellipses.

I've added it to the wishlist to make it handle elliptical arcs as well.

Elliptical arcs tend to be a somewhat awkward analytic type to deal with, they often can't be handled with the same code used for circular arcs, because a circular arc can be defined by a frame and just one angle value, with the arc implicitly starting at the frame's x axis, but elliptical arcs cannot have their frames reoriented to point to the start of the arc in this same way.

One workaround for now would be to move any one point of the full ellipse first so it becomes a deformable version, before trimming it to become an arc.

- Michael