Disappearing points!

 From:  GuruofGold (NHWADIA)
Dear Michael,

I did the following steps:

1. Created a sphere.
2. Created a plane.
3. Used the trim tool to divide the sphere into two unequal parts.
4. "Kept" only the shallow, dish-shaped part.
5. Highlighted it.
6. Clicked "show points".
7. A square-ish grid of points appeared.
8. Pulled one of them to make a pointy, egg-shaped dish.

Perfect till this juncture. But all points disappeared, never to return.
The only way to make them return was to undo, undo until the point-grid appeared. Then I got to change ANY one point, and the grid vanished, the points were gone.

...and all the king's horses, and all the king's men,
...nor all the perfumes of Arabia, and certainly not
...all my piety nor my wisdom,

could get the points back.

Tried this in Sept. and Oct. Betas; same result. What am I doing wrong? Or it is a bug?