History... probably nothing more important than this....

 From:  WillBellJr
I like XSI's implementation - model until you turn blue in the face or your machine grinds to a halt w/out of memory errors, make that final decision ("okay, I'm happy with this") and then hit the [Freeze M] button which tosses out the whole modeling stack leaving the object in it's final (frozen) state.

Want to change the size of the sphere? Go back to the modeling OP (in the history list) that created the sphere and modify the associated parameters - done!

The great thing about the XSI modeling operator stack is you can go back and adjust each operator provided it's still there.

The bad thing is (obviously) the machine slows down depending on how "far out" you go with your modeling until you freeze your modeling stack.

Working with NURBS data, I'm not sure if MOI would have a "bog down point" similar to XSI, of if you would be able to do MORE work or less before slow downs ruin the interactivity?

The GUI I believe would be simple similar to XSI - a "Freeze M" button to merge down all the operands to the current state, and also the "Immediate" button which turns off the history stack all together letting you "model from the hip" as we mostly do now, along with a list view dialog of all commands previously executed with their input parameters.

The hard part is Michael would have to implement that operator stack where he keeps track of every operation performed from Time(0) and then PLAY THROUGH that operator stack everytime the display of the object requires updating.

Multiply that by every object in the scene that's not in "Immediate" mode!...

Would I like to see FreezeM and Immediate in MOI? Sure!

Do I think Michael could make it Simple and put his "MOI - easy to use!) spin on it? Sure!

Is this something hard to implement? HELL YEAH!

I know Michael has already mentioned some great ideas he has for the history function, I just don't know if they will include being able to modify the very first POINT being laid down (which would be nice btw!), as we're requesting here...


PS - Would this be a great feature to have in "MOI Pro" - YEP! ;-)