History... probably nothing more important than this....

 From:  Michael Gibson
1828.2 In reply to 1828.1 
Hi JTB - definitely history and being able to correct mistakes is a good thing, and I certainly want to add more functions for this into MoI.

But just being able to draw things quickly and easily initially is by itself a critical function.

It is this "quick initial drawing" function that has been the focus for the early versions of MoI.

The reason why the initial drawing is so important is that it is something that is coming into play every single time you draw anything at all.

How often does it happen to you that you drew a sphere of the wrong diameter and then only noticed it several steps later? Hopefully it is not happening to you every time that you draw something.

> Modelers with detailed history management, like 3dsmax, have
> the solution.... Just select the sphere object (or what's left of it)
> and change the diameter....

That's certainly true - but is there any way that you would ever describe 3ds max's interface as easy to use or intuitive?

But I am still hoping to extend MoI's history functionality later on in the v2 beta, after object organization tools are complete.

There is quite a lot of work involved to do it though, so I'm not sure yet how much will be finished for v2. But I definitely have many ideas on how to improve this area in MoI.

Please don't misunderstand - I definitely agree that better history will be very valuable.... But so is having an easy to use interface and the ability to draw initial shapes quickly.

There are actually many programs out there that focus a lot on history already, like you mentioned 3ds max, and there are also many solid modelers that focus on it quite extensively like SolidWorks, Pro/E, etc...

In a certain sense, I just kind of figure that if a deep history function is a very very important consideration for someone, they can already get that kind of functionality by using one of those other existing systems.

What those systems do not do is make it really easy to just freely draw things. That's one reason why MoI is focused on that area, because it then can give you a better rounded out toolset since MoI is providing something that is not commonly available in the other programs.

If I just focused on doing exactly the same thing as other programs, it would not be as productive for you since it would mean you just have the same toolset available to you instead of a variety.

Anyway, that's another reason for MoI's current focus in its early versions.

- Michael