Rhino v MoI - offset surface difference

 From:  buzz (BRUCE)
Hi Michael,

On your advice I'm trying to learn Rhino (already learnt MoI - too easy!) and as a sort of comparison on how much easier and enjoyable it is to do things in MoI, I'm also opening the tutorial files there - seeing how they compare.

Mostly MoI is a breeze, with me completing the tutorials intuitively in MoI, whilst spending quite a while trying to figure it out in Rhino.

However, I came across one tutorial where MoI doesn't seem to do it as effectively as Rhino - and that's the Offset tute (Offsetsrf.3dm). Rhino can do it with a distance of 2, but MoI needs 2.6 (both are set up with units as mm). Do you know why this is?
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