A scale model car

 From:  d^^b (DAVID)
@marcorhino: Thank you. :-)
@kevjon: I wanted to make a render, but I´m fighting with kerkythea a few days ago, and I´m loosing everytime :-). Anyway, I laid the parts out flat only for show them like if they were on a table, ready for start to built.
@contact7: Sure, but the more tedious job was to separate the parts for the layout (also my computer was very slowly in the final)
@WillBellJr: Something like this? http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=6FeQWjhcpTM I love that kind of videos, but it´s so complicated....:-)
@Michael: Thanks. Actually, the idea was to make "something" that could work. Now, the parts could work in a small scale, joining them with glue. But I think that it can works in a bigger scale tunning up any parts making a pivot pins and holes in any pieces and a screwed join in other. :-)