Strange sweep behavior along arcs of different lengths

 From:  Michael Gibson
1815.3 In reply to 1815.1 
Hi yenmonger - yes the problem is what spedler mentioned. Since the larger arc curls around more at the bottom, it has a wider bounding box around it than the first one, and that causes the circle to be inside of the bounding box.

When a profile curve is inside the bounding box of the rail, then the profile will not be moved to the start of the rail, instead it will be taken exactly from the spot where it currently stands.

This is related to the "auto-place" mode of sweep - when the profile is outside of the rail's bounding box then auto-place mode is activated and that moves the profile to the start of the curve for you before marching it along the rail path.

So at any rate, the solution in this case is to drag the circle slightly to the left until it is all the way outside the box that goes around the larger rail curve, then it will work as you expected.

I definitely want to make an improvement to the auto-place mode to have some option you can set to get more exact control over whether it is on or off.

- Michael