select only visible mesh

 From:  Michael Gibson
1810.4 In reply to 1810.3 
Hi Gianmarco, I have added a function for this for the next v2 beta.

The way it will work is that you will be able to set up a keyboard shortcut, and put this new script call in for the command:

Then when you push the key that you assigned the shortcut to, it will select the visible objects. These are all the objects that have any part of them visibly displayed on any viewport that is showing - these are all objects that would have been accessible by a click type selection.

You'll probably want to have the "Split" view configuration active when you do this, so that multiple view angles will be used. If you have only a single viewport active (like the view control on the bottom bar set to "Top" for example), then only the visible objects in that particular view will be selected.

Please note - this does not work in the current release, it is something that will work in the next v2 beta version which I hope to release sometime next week.

- Michael