mol Export to Sketchup 5 ? + FAQs

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Charly, thank you for the kind words!

For 3D Studio Max, if you have a recent version I think that it can import .obj files, so that is one method (export .obj from MoI). If you have a slightly older version you should be able to find a plugin that will do it, ask around on a Max forum for that. That will bring the model over as polygons. You can also use the IGES format if you want to bring the NURBS surfaces over. I believe you can also buy a plugin from that will give Max the ability to read .3dm files directly, so that is an additional option.

For SketchUp, it appears that SketchUp can write .obj files but does not have the ability to read them? It might be nice to ask the SketchUp folks to add that capability, I am kind of surprised that it is missing. For now it appears that you will have to read the file into Max and then export as .3ds to get it into SketchUp.

It would be better if SketchUp implemented an .obj importer, because .3ds files are very limited - they can only contain triangles and there is even a limitation on the number of points that can be in a single mesh. The .obj format supports multi-sided polygons instead of only triangles, and does not have a limit on the mesh size so it is a much better quality format in general. That is why I have focused on .obj support from MoI and not .3ds .

I think that Pilou has answered your other questions, please let me know if you need any more info on them.

- Michael