mol Export to Sketchup 5 ? + FAQs

 From:  Frenchy Pilou (PILOU)
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< -Is there anyway to export an object (model) done in moi 3d to Sketchup?
Yes just export it as obj (a terrific function of MoI), reload it with any 3D prog and save it as 3DS format even in the free Google Sketchup :) thx f700es
The free Amapi 6.1 can help you for that :) you must register (free) and post just one post :)

Idem for 3dMax of course :)

< -Can i export screens?
Press the key "PprintScreen" of your computer, open your favorit 2D prog, menu Edit Past as new image :)
try the free tremendous Artweaver (clone of Painter Classic + functions of Toshop :)

< -is there anyway to make the model not do i make my shapes solid?
Goto menu Option, disable Hidden line edges, hidden line curves :)
For the shadow I don't remember if you can change this parameter in the moi.ini file?

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