From:  Michael Gibson
1800.5 In reply to 1800.2 
Hi Phil - one of the things that tends to be a delicate balance is to try and keep the UI streamlined and not have it accumulate a big sea of stuff in it.

To do that means that each bit of UI that is added to the "top level" really needs to be adding a pretty significant value to justify having it. It seems like adding a button there would be something that would only be useful in a kind of narrow situation - only when you wanted to reverse the view and also not maximize that view...

I just don't think that is a valuable enough function to add a button for that by default - you can already get that task done by clicking in the view tabs.... Click once on the view name to maximize that view, then click a second time on it to flip it, then click on Split, and you will have your view reversed in the split view. Yes - that is 3 clicks instead of one click, but just 3 clicks in a very specific situation is not that big of a deal, it's only a big deal if you are doing it all the time...

But it is actually pretty easy to customize your particular version of MoI to add that button in though if it would help you out.

I've attached a ViewControls_ReverseButton.zip file here - download and unzip it to get a ViewControls.htm file, and then copy that over top of the old version inside of the \ui subfolder inside of MoI's main installation folder.

With that updated ViewControls.htm file, you will now have a Reverse button on that control panel that should reverse the view when you click on it.

You might want to keep a note pointing back to this message, because you will need to re-apply this update when you install new versions like new beta releases.

I think in the future at some point there may be a kind of menu that pops out on a viewport somehow (like if you clicked on the viewport text for example) that will be able to contain a bunch of additional viewport functions. Then that would be a good place to put a reverse menu item as well. I would not generally worry very much about populating a kind of second-level menu with a bunch of stuff, it is the very top level stuff that I try pretty hard to avoid adding stuff to.

- Michael