SCI-FI Weapon Bitz, modeled in MoI

 From:  Crusoe the Painter (CRUSOE)
Actually, I bake for several hours at ~200 F, and then submerge the parts in 90% rubbing alcohol, followed by a day long soak in Goo-B-Gone. I then do a quick soak in rubbing alcohol, and bake another time at 200F, and look for signs of wax coming out. If it does, I redo the long baking, and then resoak. This seems to remove issues with vulcanization using Low Temp Vulc silicone rubber.

Also, "Low Temp" refers to the temp needed to cure the vulcanizing rubber, which makes it safe for prints. It's under pressure, and baked at 190F, and does a fine job of picking up detail.