Unable to create directd9 device

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Wrench, yeah by 3D graphics hardware standards I'm afraid that is like an antique comparatively...

That basically dates back pretty close to the time when PC 3D graphics hardware was just initially invented - there have been about 8 generation cycles of new technology for 3D graphics cards since that time.

MoI does not need the most recent generation graphics hardware to work, but it does need something a bit more than that. I would usually recommend that going back about 5 generations in 3D technology should be pretty fine unless you are working on large projects.

From ATI basically anything from the Radeon series should work, even back to the first Radeon 7000, but I would really recommend Radeon 9200 or higher.

Usually with built-in graphics cards there is a way that they can be disabled and a separately installed one used instead...

- Michael