Unable to create directd9 device

 From:  Michael Gibson
1794.4 In reply to 1794.3 
Hi Wrench, do you know what the model of the ATI card is?

That message will pop up if the video card does not support a particular style of drawing surface that MoI wants to use.

Some of the very older 3D video cards are very limited by today's standards, if you've got one that is more than about 5 or 6 years old it probably just does not have the right capabilities that MoI needs to run.

Pretty much any card made within the last 5 years should usually be ok though...

MoI actually does not need a very fancy card to run (even like a $20 more recent one should be ok), but if your card is much older it probably is just not going to have the right stuff.

- Michael