recreating a rounded pyramid in moi.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi telnoi,

> thank you, I still have to get used to the idea that points in certain
> places will create more edges :(

It's not so much the points themselves (unless you used Add Pt with the "Make corner point" option), it is when you use Edit/Join to glue 2 segments together into one composite curve object.

With that curve being made up of 2 segments, many things will process it in a segment-by-segment basis, same thing as if you had a rectangle made up of 4 segments and extruded it, you will get edges at the ends of the line segments making up the rectangle. The same basic thing is happening here due to the segmentation even though the shapes are smooth to one another.

It could be possible for me to automatically fuse segments together in cases like this that have smooth pieces to one another, but unfortunately although that would have been better for this particular case, it tends to cause problems in a lot of other cases for mechanical objects, I was describing that some in this previous post here.

So to avoid those problems it tends to make things lean more towards segment-by-segment processing.

I definitely want to make some better tools for making single segment symmetrical stuff like this easier though.

- Michael