recreating a rounded pyramid in moi.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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> In this case i'm not sure how I would maintain the
> curvature while deleting center points

When you don't have very many points, you may need to use Edit/Add pt to place some more points in the area where 2 segments join with one another, so that when you delete the joint the shape doesn't change too much.

Also there are 2 modes for Add pt - if you have points for a curve turned on, then Add pt can add a point on the hull line in between 2 existing points. This keeps all the points in their same locations, and the curve will shift shape to go through those points.

The second mode for Add pt is when you click the point for it directly on a curve instead of on the hull line between 2 edit points. This is kind of easiest to do if the points are turned off since then you will only target this kind of add. With this mode the shape of the curve will remain completely identical and instead as the point is added it will cause a shifting of the control points instead of the curve. This is the mode that I used to insert a couple of points to either side of the center point so that when I deleted it the curve would not change shape so much.

I do want to add some tools in v2 to make it easier to merge segments together into new longer single segments instead of joined curves... That would certainly make it easier in this situation.

Also a symmetry mode so you can draw a single smooth segment just by drawing points on one side of a mirror line would also help stuff like this out quite a bit...

- Michael