Multiple solids creation

 From:  BurrMan
1781.5 In reply to 1781.4 
I tried the Merge option with that type and found the pillars to leave seperate sqaures and surfaces also.

Would I need to worry about these aor would they just appear as part of the same solid. If I wanted one solid for the piece the pillars were sitting on, is there an easy way to weld or union all that?

Also, When making "Many small pieces of the same thing, it can generate a load on the app and computer. I've seen in other apps where they use some kind of "Instancing" or "cloning" for this (Basically one object for the computer, "referenced 675 times". Is this something MoI could generate at some point?

Thanks again for your time,

EDITED: 13 Jul 2008 by BURRMAN