Multiple solids creation

 From:  Michael Gibson
1781.2 In reply to 1781.1 
Hi Burr, it looks like the Construct / Planar tool should do the job for you in this case.

It does a couple of different things - it can turn a planar curve into a trimmed plane object, but another thing is it can seal any planar openings on an open object.

In your case each of those little posts has a planar opening at the top and bottom, so you can select all of them (just one strategic window from the front view can grab them all, do the window selection starting from the left and moving towards the right to do the "only capture inside" type window), then run Construct/Planar and all those posts should get solidified into little box solids.

If you wanted to sort of do a boolean but keep things as separate pieces, you might want to be using the Boolean "Merge" option for that, rather than Edit/Trim - Merge will slice everything with each other but then keeps all the pieces and will try to form solids out of the result.

Trim works only on the "skin" of an object and does not try to preserve volumes like the booleans do.

- Michael