Real 3D by Steph

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Pilou - as you know MoI does not do any skinning, animation, or morphing type stuff inside of it, it focuses just on modeling.

So MoI's use of the Collada format would actually not include many of those aspects that you list there.

Really it would be exporting the exact same data that is already exported to OBJ format, since OBJ format does also support n-gons and vertex normals.

It is definitely a problem that the 3DS Max OBJ importer does not work very well. That is really a problem that should be fixed by Autodesk so that they could make better use of the widely available standard OBJ format.

But as I mentioned, Collada is on the wishlist, and I do want to add it in. I'm just not exactly sure when I will be able to make it happen.

- Michael