Real 3D by Steph

 From:  Frenchy Pilou (PILOU)
Llittle test of a personal 3D engine by Steph 3D
Modeling Moi 2.0 (very simple he has no time for modelise!
Refine C4D
Codding only C++ for test his capacity to make a real time world editor ;)
No so bad for a beginning :)
Play the video of course ;) (scroll the post following,3482.msg38029.html#msg38029 )
PS Video capture gives a slow result! In reality that is very more speed of course!
A Collada format export will be very useful from Moi !
(n-gons + vertex shading -->3dsMAx !
(format more and more used an universal)

EDITED: 13 Jul 2008 by PILOU