Pen Tablet and the button problem

 From:  Renato M. Setoue (INONSENSE)
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Hi Michael,

Actually I wrote in the begining of the Post that I couldn´t upload a .3dm file because I´m using the Alternate Trial Version. But no problem, I can understand what is like answer all the discussions, sometimes you end up missing something... hehehe...

Now I can understand better what are the "conditions" to use Loft correctly. Thank You.

Actually I have some other doubts. Sometimes when I use JOIN it doesn´t JOIN everything in one, wasn´t it to join all the lines in one piece?

And I still have some problems with Boolean, like you explained about Loft, what are the conditions to Boolean work correctly? The only one that usually works like I want is the Boolean Diff. Problably I´m doing something wrong with the others Booleans, because sometimes it works sometimes not. But as I don´t know much about 3D modeling I don´t have the parameter to understand well by trial and error what I´m doing wrong or what I need to do.

I´m having some problems with Network too. I read the command reference but I stil don´t know what I´m doing wrong. I´m trying simple things but I don´t understand what is needed to work correctly. Sorry for so many basic questions.