Pen Tablet and the button problem

 From:  Michael Gibson
1778.2 In reply to 1778.1 
Hi Renato - do you have a .3dm file for those curves that you wanted to Loft? If you could post those it would help me to show you some different ways of using them.

Basically when you loft between curves, if the curves are made up of the same number of segments (you can see the segments by doing Edit/Separate) then those will all line up with one another in a segment-to-segment basis.

But if you have a different number of segments and you want to loft them, then MoI will have to kind of merge together both sets of segments, that is what is causing that kind of slight twising there.

MoI is not really able to take different numbers of segments and intelligently match them, like in that case you probably want 2 segments of the top piece to merge with just one segment of the bottom piece.

But you can get that kind of specific matching if you use Edit/Separate to break those curves up into pieces, then perform the Loft just on the pieces that you know you want to align.

So for instance in the case you have there, I would recommend using Edit/Separate to break things all apart, then join together 2 pieces for the top part, and then Loft that to just the one part on the bottom. If you apply Loft like this in stages you can have much finer control over the segment matching and avoid that kind of automatic "all segments combine together" type problem.

If you can post your file .3dm, it would help me to illustrate what I have described above to make it clearer.

- Michael