Pen Tablet and the button problem

 From:  Renato M. Setoue (INONSENSE)

After the "supporter" for the pen, I made the pen of my Intuos 3. It´s not just my second try in MoI but also my second try in 3D modeling so I´m full of doubts and I´m still trying to figure it out how it works [or why it doesn´t work, why it doesn´t understand me or why I don´t understand it... lol...]. Well, as I said in other Post I can´t upload the .3dm file because I´m using the Alternate Trial Version.

Everything was going pretty well until the little button [the one you use for double-click, right-click, etc...]. It´s really simple form if you look at it, but the simple wasn´t working at all. By "simple" I mean use Loft.

[without the lines and here you can see the button that I was talking about]

It´s important to notice that the 2 parts are quite diferent.

When I used Loft it worked but with some little changes that I don´t know why it turned out like that, but anyway, Fillet wouldn´t work with that shape.

After a while doing and redoing I gave up and tried another approach. I decided to use Planar and then Boolean Union but it didn´t work too. I also tried to add a few lines and tried Network but it didn´t work as well. I tried Boolean Merge, it was close, but if you take a closer look you´ll see that it´s still not what I wanted.

[with Boolean Merge]

So I took just the top and used Extrude, after that I changed some points because the top and the bottom have different sizes and shapes. Ok, I thought I was almost there, just Fillet and done, but no, after Extrude I used Planar for the top, then I used Boolean Union. But when I tried Fillet, it simply didn´t work [ I was using Radius 0.25 but I also tried a lot of differents values]. I tried with the front face, it worked, but it wasn´t what I really wanted, I wanted the whole thing to be Fillet. The solution was separate it in 2 parts, use Fillet separated in each object and then put both together, kind of crossed each other. It was the most close to what I wanted.

Can someone help me? I wanted to understand what I was doing wrong and why it didn´t work. If possible, can someone make this button and tell me a simple way to make it? I made the button but I don´t think it was the better way to do it. I think I took more time trying to solve this problem then making the pen... hehehe...