I want this in MOI!!! Unbelivable tools!

 From:  WillBellJr
1774.9 In reply to 1774.8 
"Wouldn't it be nice if you could do something like draw a circle, then array it to make 8 circles, then perform a boolean with those, then after all that is complete, go in and edit the original circle and get a real-time update to reflect your edits?

That's the kind of thing that I hope to enable with a deeper history function, but of course there still is plenty of work to do to make that happen."

WOW Michael, that would be hella awesome!

Yes, having a more complete history mechanism I guess would allow similar kinds of operations but in the MOI style of object editing which would be much more consistent.

Perhaps if you had a "roadmap" posted on the wiki where we could see some of your ideas on what you're planning to implement, that would eliminate perhaps some of the requests like these since we could see that perhaps what we would like will be in there in some form or fashion.

After hearing about the more advanced history functionalities, I don't even wish for that LWCAD style drawing mode any longer! :-)