I want this in MOI!!! Unbelivable tools!

 From:  Michael Gibson
1774.5 In reply to 1774.1 
Hi Kreten - your wish has already been granted for several of these things! :)

In MoI, try Array/Dir and you should see real time feedback. Similarly Array/Circular will give you feedback and show you the result as you tweak parameters, and also the same thing applies to Array/Curve.

I mean all of them do that except for Array/Grid, which is kind of a bit problematic for doing real-time feedback since it is possible to generate quite a large number of copies with that particular one, it can be a bit on the "heavy" side so it does not try to give you real time feedback.

But all the other array commands in MoI do give you that feedback already, so for the most part that stuff is already in place, there you go! :)

- Michael