I want this in MOI!!! Unbelivable tools!

 From:  Michael Gibson
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You're welcome Danny!

Actually another thing I forgot to mention before which is also ready for the next beta is the ability to type in formulas in any spot that is asking for a distance/radius type number.

So for example when you are drawing a circle for the radius you can type: 15/4*2 and the result 7.5 will be calculated for you.

When you're drawing a line, you can type: <360/12 to set an angle constraint of 360/12 = 30 degree angle snap for that line.

You can also use functions like sin, cos, etc... Any of the things available to the JavaScript "Math" object are available, like:

sin(PI/4) - Calculates the sin of 45 degrees - all trig functions take radian angles.

random() * 5 + 1 - Calculates a random number between 1 and 6.

sqrt(), pow(), round(), etc...

I think you had asked about that previously?

- Michael