I want this in MOI!!! Unbelivable tools!

 From:  Michael Gibson
1774.22 In reply to 1774.21 
Hi Petr, I have implemented these array dir options for the next beta, they seem to have turned out really well, here is a demo:

The first one is the normal method same as v1. The next option is the "Extent, Count" one, where the 2 points are taken as the full distance and the offset is taken as offset = full_extent / (num_items - 1) (correction from what I wrote earlier).

Then the last mode is where you give 2 distances and the item count is calculated for you (and displayed in the options panel). Either start with the small distance as the offset, then move your mouse further to create as many copies as will fit in that longer distance, or start with the long distance first and move your mouse closer to the base point to reduce the offset and generate more copies within that extent.

That seems to pretty well cover this area.

- Michael