I want this in MOI!!! Unbelivable tools!

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Petr,

> Instead of looking cool it's rather a way how to meet the target
> when I more or less know both an ofsset distance (or item cell)
> and a given room to fill in. It means the number of array items
> is unknown unless I calculate it before.

Will Array curve work for this situation?

What you could do is draw a line for the "given room to fill in" part - draw the line for that full extent.

Then select your object, run Array/Curve, Pick the "extent line" as the path curve, then in the options, fill in the "Distance" entry with your offset/item cell distance and the count will be calculated for you automatically, it will fill in as many items as it can while traveling along that line in offset distance chunks.

For Array grid the equivalent thing I guess would be a kind of hatch pattern like fill? Is that the kind of result that you would be trying to get with that?

I guess the way it could work would be a "Fill extents" type button on the "Choose number of copies" stage. If you clicked that button then you pick a rectangle or box for the full extent, then you pick an individual cell with the mouse or enter cell spacing. I suppose the first corner of the cell would be locked to the corner of the full extents rectangle...

- Michael