I want this in MOI!!! Unbelivable tools!

 From:  Michael Gibson
1774.14 In reply to 1774.10 
Hi Petr,

> It would be nice if there was a second mutually exclusive mode
> (like Radius/Diameter) to make a Dir and Grid array, I mean we
> were able to set up a distance between two subsequent items of
> array (preferaby by clicking in the viewport) instead of setting a
> number of items; then drag a dashed line/window to multiply a
> number of items.

I guess I'm not really sold on that "dynamic drag to adjust number of items" type thing.

It just does not seem to me to provide a lot of value - especially for the commands other than Array Grid which allow you to change the number of items as a previewable option already. Like for example in Array Dir if you want 6 items just type in 6 <enter> and you'll get it, if you want one more, type in 7 <enter> and you'll have one more. I'm not really sure what waving the mouse around to move between 6 and 7 really gives you, I mean other than looking cool.

I do want to add a switch hopefully for both Array grid and array dir where the distance that you set will be used as the kind of "full set" distance instead of the "item cell" distance, that's kind of related so that may help get some of the feel for what you want to do there.

> (step 4 with bubble text - "tools snap according to predefined..." <...>
> Is it too complicated?

It kind of looks like that "predefined" distance comes from a whole pattern library mechanism that you use to set those patterns up beforehand.

Certainly that could be useful, but having the whole pattern library mechanism to implement along with that does make it quite complicated overall...

- Michael