Kids love MoI!

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The concrete floats thing was a good lesson for me in physics from the architect that design the thing.

to float 8.??? lbs, you need 1 cubic ft. displacement. You can float anything with this simple math ( I dont remember exactly what the point somthing was, Thats why all my stuff sinks! I just.... cant..... remember!) Also regarding that project, as I was revisiting my memory on it, I think the 1900 figure was all objects TOTAL. Not just the joist.

I have it on disk in a wharehouse I want to dig out and revisit with MoI. (Create individual parts then organize in a different package) I also did a model of Dr. Phil Nuytten's Deep worker. The company I was working with started an offshoot that wanted to go pick pink coral in the Kaiwi channel. They purchased 2 Deepworker 2000's that could go to 2000 ft. That one will be perfect to revisit with MoI!


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