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>Also Carrara is not that slow. True, it's not Vray or Modo. But I am really shocked to hear it takes 36 >minutes just for a preview? I would suspect you could find ways to shave time off your preview >renders. Reduce your render size and quality settings output to the bare minimum you need to see a >preview.

Hi Jonah,
Thanks for all the tips. They do make sense.

The 36 min previews and 2 day renders are on larger projects. One memorable one was a 290 ton concreate floating dock we did for the Arizona Memorial. I modeled the form work and launch system we used (built on Ford Islands amphibious landing area. concreate slanting down into the water. we launched it like you see them launch large ships!). Anyway, there was like 1900 aluminium joist alone! Plywood, Iron, Rebar....etc. Not sure but the file was in the gigs. Plus this was a few years ago (Ray Dream). Must....Get.....New.....Computer.....!!

All true. It was fun.

Just so your not puzzled at my times.