V2 Beta Updates?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1769.2 In reply to 1769.1 
Hi Brian, most of the time I will not issue a patch for the existing beta - there is just too much overhead to do that continually on a daily or hourly basis or whatever unless there is a really major bug that makes the beta unusable.

The changes that I mention are all stuff that will be going in for the next beta. When that is ready there will be an announcement like "v2 beta Jul-18-2008 now available"...

A new one is not available until you see an announcement like that, I'll definitely label it in that manner saying "now available".

When people report problems, I like to let them know if they can expect a fix for the next beta or not, I think that is the stuff that you are referring to.

Congrats on winning XSI, that is really cool! It should provide a lot of stuff to mess around with in a totally different style.

- Michael