AI Export Question

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Anis,

> Do you mean 2D related stuff in general = 2D annotation,
> 2D detailing & 2D drawing ?

Here I was talking about 2D illustration type stuff like Adobe Illustrator type stuff. Like being able to set line styles, set fills, things that you would expect to see in a 2D drawing program.

But yes I would like to have a variety of aspects of 2D integrated, at just a pretty basic level but that still should be quite useful.

> So, this will be like a parametric software ?

That's one idea. I mean without the kind of bi-directional type editing but it could be a good setup to have a "print" view as another tab next to Split / 3D / Top / Front / Right, which was a kind of "print preview" 2D editing view where you would see the outline of the printed page, and have some way to populate it with hidden lines generated from the 3D view. Probably not a whole automatic updating type thing, just a way to take a snapshot and fill in the 2D stuff and then let you edit it.

That was an idea that I had early on when setting up those view tabs originally, but it's one of those things that I have not had enough time to be able to get to yet.

It's not all completely planned out yet, just one of many different ideas for stuff in the future.

- Michael