AI Export Question

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi OSTexo,

The AI export from MoI is pretty basic right now, it is really mostly focused at the current time just on curve export and not full solids.

It will do all the bounding edges of the surfaces in a solid, but that will generally not be sufficient to get you a proper line art representation of the solid.

A cylinder solid has a surface in it which kind of acts like a rolled up sheet of paper - that line edge that you are seeing is the "seam" edge where the edges of the "paper" are coming together to touch one another - that is one of those bounding edges of the surfaces in the solid.

To get a proper line art you will want a lot more things like silhouette edges and hidden line removal.

MoI is not currently capable of doing that, but it is definitely something that I do want to add in the future. It is going to take a little while before that can happen though, for the moment my focus is still on kind of more the modeling toolset and not so much the 2D output type aspects yet.

For now probably your best bet for that purpose would be to use Rhino and its Make2D command.

- Michael