some problem with Boolean Union and Fillet

 From:  Renato M. Setoue (INONSENSE)
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Hi Michael,

I can´t save the file because I´m using the Alternate Trial Version so I made a printscreen. I was modeling my mouse cuz it has a nice design. It was hard cuz it has a lot of diferents curves but I lost it. Windows stopped working while I was reading my e-mail and as I can´t save I lost it. Now I´m trying something easier, cuz if I had any problem I wouldn´t feel so bad about it. I´m modeling that "supporter" that comes with Intuoes.

I started it again but this time, after every step that I wanted to use Fillet I used it. Because I was finishing all the modeling and then using Fillet [it wasn´t working]. With this new strategy it worked pretty well until the last part [printscreen]. The yellow thing is what I´m trying to use Fillet and it´s not working. I also tried the whole thing around but it didn´t work.

I hope this printscreen can help somehow.