Another global fillet trouble !

 From:  PaQ
Hello there,

here's a little example of strange filleting result that might maybe be improved (I hope).

First, I have the 'Add detail to inflection' actived, it's important because otherwise the feedback is too fast and you don't have the bug N° 1.

I'm trying to get a fillet for the 3 cubic holes of this object in once. Here are some different value/results using the circular fillet command.

1.2 works ok

1.0 ok

Bug N° 1

I decide to try a smaller one, 0.1 ... but MoI was taking a lot of time to calculate the result (because of the 'Add detail to inflection' on), so I cancel it ... after the cancel I run the fillet command agin, putting 1.0 again, but MoI doesn't give me the preview result, but only fillets where visible, the other part of the object is gone.

0.8 ok

0.6,0.4,0.2 shows only fillets

0.1 Moi take quite some time to compute.

It's the first time I have trouble when rising down the fillet size of an object.
Of course there are workarounds, for example by filleting the holes one by one ... or only filleting the vertical edges from the 3 holes, etc.
But still, it might be a little bit annoying if I have to fillet a more complex object with many holes like this.


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