Moi Competition Exercise #2

 From:  Anis
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Below is model from rampackwobble :

"I'm interested in this - but have little idea how I would go about it in a nurbs program :(

I hope it goes ahead with people posting along the lines of "I made the ears by altering the point on a solid sphere", "Well I made them by lofting over these lines which I found easier because...".

I don't think we need a "senior member" ( been a user longer, more posts, older ?) to host this - although I hope more experienced users will add there own words of wisdom :)

Anyway here is my first attempt - I am sure it could be improved on .... slightly :).

The ears are the only bit I am no too unhappy with (altered points on a solid sphere :) ) as for the rest....

So come on in - I'm sure with a lot of hard work and effort you could do better than mine :)"
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