Video about helpers

 From:  Michael Gibson
1752.10 In reply to 1752.1 
Hi Pilou, good video - that is now making use of that update in V2 so that "Relocate cline" can be used with distance constraint.

I think you also saw this previously, but just for others I wanted to mention that there is also another related new option in V2 to be able to specify a "relative point" for the first pick of a command like the center of a circle. Previously in v1 relative points only worked for the 2nd point pick instead of the first one.

The way it works is by typing in a coordinate starting with "r", like : r3,6

In V2 if you start the Circle command, and then type in r3,6 <enter> you can then pick a point and the point that is placed will be offset from the one you snapped to by 3 units in x and 6 units in y. You'll be able to see that the point is offset when you move your mouse around to place the point's base location.

So that's just another option that is available.

- Michael