Export to sketchup

 From:  Michael Gibson
1751.9 In reply to 1751.6 
Hi Peter,

> Michael did you get an answer yet ?
> Or did you talk to the people at Siggraph ?

I actually got in touch with them through e-mail a little bit before Siggraph and I have downloaded their SDK toolkit and tried it out a little bit.

One complication is that SketchUp only deals with n-gons that are strictly planar, so I can't use the sort of normal mesh export that is done for other polygon formats (such as OBJ or LWO formats).

I have to do a kind of customized one that only does n-gons for planar surfaces and then triangulates (but hides the edges like the smoothing process in SketchUp) any curved surfaces.

I'm not quite sure how it will turn out yet, but I will probably look into this some more really soon here, having a direct export to .skp format would definitely be useful to quite a few people.

- Michael