V2 - Using the new handle to flatten control points

 From:  Michael Gibson
1744.6 In reply to 1744.1 
Hi PaQ, sorry it took me a while to get back to your message here, I'm running a bit behind.

> Btw I don't think the handle was made to flatten points, but
> it would be a great feature too.
> (need to add a magnet points when you reach the 0% scaling)

Yeah I had not thought about that particular thing before, but that definitely makes sense and I'm always looking to "get more with less", so it will be a great fit.

Right now it does not like to do the transform when it gets totally squished, which is what is causing the bug you show there, the frame is remaining compressed while the object pops back to its original state, so they are kind of out of sync at that point. That will get fixed up when I make flattening work.

I'm almost done setting this up, it will be in the next beta release.

It's called a "Flat" snap, it shows up as a snap point on that vertical or horizontal 1d-scaling indicator line thing.

You should generally avoid flattening things that will double-back on themselves though, like for instance if you flatten a circle it will actually work but that is kind of a nasty compressed and sort of doubled self-overlapping curve at that point so it isn't good to use it on stuff like that.

- Michael