V2 - Using the new handle to flatten control points

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi PaQ, quick note first on this:

> Apologize for the big video, I just downloaded camtasia, and
> I didn't learn how to use it yet.

That's not too terribly big, but the #1 way to shrink it down in size is to pick a lower frame rate.

This is on the 3rd screen when doing the "Produce video as.." option in Camtasia, just after when you pick the option to say you want to output a GIF.

Switch the "Frame rate:" option down to 5 (which still retains a fair amount of smoothness) or even 2 if it doesn't really have to be very smooth. Actually a lot of times you can still get the same amount of communication value with a frame rate of 2 but sometimes for more subtle things a rate of 5 is better.

Anyway, adjusting that can hugely reduce the amount of data stored.

It also really shrinks things a lot if you pick a somewhat smallish area to capture.

I also tend to set the Colors to 128 (fewer colors reduces size even more), and use a Fixed Palette with Dithered color reduction set. But this can be kind of touchy so you may not want to mess with this part.

Hit the preview button in the lower-left corner after adjusting any settings to see if they look ok, sometimes reducing the number of colors does not work very well and makes things too blotchy.

Thanks for generating that video, it is a very clear way to communicate what you are doing.

- Michael