V2 - Using the new handle to flatten control points

 From:  PaQ
Hello, I'm not sure this new handle was made for this, but I'm trying to flatten some control points using
this new tool, and I get some strange behavior.

Description :
When trying to flatten the control points, the curve disappear when the points are flatten (0% scaling) ... It doesn't always append, so
I provide the curve. Releasing the corner handle make the curve reappear, without the flatten, however the handle don't match
the selected area anymore ... and any new handle move make the tool uncontrollable.

Btw I don't think the handle was made to flatten points, but it would be a great feature too.
(need to add a magnet points when you reach the 0% scaling)

Apologize for the big video, I just downloaded camtasia, and I didn't learn how to use it yet.

EDITED: 3 Dec 2015 by PAQ