curve on curve

 From:  Michael Gibson
1736.2 In reply to 1736.1 
Hi Danny, in v2 this has some more predictable behavior because the curve that is "topmost" in depth will get targeted which was not guaranteed to happen in v1.

Other than that, it can help a lot to pick things in the 3D view where you can get a view angle where the objects are visually separated from one another, and also hiding the ones that are getting in your way can definitely help out a lot too.

I would like to add some kind of toggle mechanism like you are asking about in the future, but it is a fairly in-depth area of work, it will probably be a while before I can get enough time to work on that.

Actually a lot of effort went into MoI's selection mechanism to avoid needing a mechanism like that for basic stuff. The way I set up Rhino, it pops up a dialog/menu thing any time there are several objects nearby where you clicked, so you can specify which one you want. That helps with this "stacked object" situation, but it also pops up a huge amount of the time when you don't have stacked objects as well. That tends to greatly interrupt just basic workflow to have stuff pop up on the screen unexpectedly like that.

It was a major goal for MoI to actually get rid of that thing - that's basically why MoI has that kind of selection halo preview around objects. It is pretty much the total reverse of that so that you can definitely see what object is going to be selected before you click so that I don't have to pop stuff up all the time after you pick instead.

- Michael