Making something for poser

 From:  Michael Gibson
1732.2 In reply to 1732.1 
Hi Keith, at export time I would recommend moving the density slider a bit more over to the right, like to maybe the 3/4 mark or so.

That will create a higher density mesh which will probably help reduce smoothing problems.

It's also probably a good idea to switch the Output: option to Output: Quads & Triangles.

That will make MoI only export 3 and 4-sided polygons instead of many-sided polygons. Probably Poser does not like to use more than 4 sided polygons so you'll probably avoid some problems by changing that setting as well.

I think that would generally do the trick for you.

I'm not quite sure if your associate literally means no sharp angles whatsoever, because something very basic like a box will of course have some sharp angles in it. They probably wanted to have a slightly higher density of polygons in smoother areas, which is what moving that slider to the right will accomplish.

- Michael