Easies way to create an object in exact location

 From:  Michael Gibson
1727.8 In reply to 1727.7 
Hi Petr, yeah that works but I kind of hesitated to recommend that method because that is somewhat of a fancy mouse maneuver to keep the mouse button down while still typing numbers in... Actually you can release the mouse if you drag it all the way off the viewport first before releasing it, but again kind of a trick maneuver.

One other interesting application for this new "offset" value thing is you can do something like start a polyline, then type r0,0,6 to set a 6 unit in z offset before placing the first point, then when you click the first point in the top view, it will be placed at an elevation of 6 units above where you clicked on and the you can draw the rest of the polyline at that elevation.

That got me thinking that maybe a syntax like "z6" would be good for doing that kind of thing even easier yet. But I'll save that one for a bit later.

- Michael