Easies way to create an object in exact location

 From:  Michael Gibson
1727.6 In reply to 1727.1 
Hi Anis, also I have now made an improvement to the way that relative point entry works for MoI version 2.0.

In version 1.0 if you type in a relative point like r1.2,-1.1 for the first point of a circle, it will place a point at x = 1.2 and y = -1.1 - that's relative to just the origin (0,0) since there is no previous picked point in that case.

For MoI version 2.0 it will not do that - instead it will remember this as an offset amount and then still allow you to pick the point, and apply that offset to it.

So that will allow you to more easily place the first point of a circle at a relative offset from an existing point without needing to do extra steps.

- Michael