Easies way to create an object in exact location

 From:  Michael Gibson
1727.27 In reply to 1727.24 
Hi Burr,

> Could this be done by defining a "Hot spot" for the object and
> then using a more robust "Properties panel" ?(Size, position,
> orientation, etc....)

That's basically what the Transform/Move command actually does - it will ask you for 2 points, and the first point that you pick will be used as that "Hot spot" point.

But I do want to add a properties panel that would be another way to do this just like you are describing, it will probably contain the bounding box dimensions and possibly a center point of the object's bounding box and let you modify those values, and maybe some other things for simple objects like if you have a circle maybe you could alter the radius there.

I want to make that one part of the whole "object organization" set of tools that will be coming for v2, I have not had a chance to get started on this area yet, but it should be happening in not too much longer.

- Michael