Easies way to create an object in exact location

 From:  Michael Gibson
1727.26 In reply to 1727.22 
Hi ash,

> For the future you could have an expansion of the move tool
> that adds x,y,z co-ordinates like this:

That's actually what this coordinate entry box in the bottom part of the UI is for:

Any time that MoI is asking for a point you can enter x,y,z coordinates there to specify the point location numerically instead of by picking with the mouse.

That works for the Move command, Line command, Circle, Rectangle, Curve, etc..., etc...

> There could also be an absolute option to move to specific x,y,z
> co-ordinates rather than relative.

Yup, that is actually already the default - if you type in a coordinate without any extra stuff on it, it will be an absolute coordinate.

You have to start the coordinate with an "r" if you want it to be relative, like: r10.1,2.6

There are also other things you can type in there as well, like a polar coordinate where you give an angle and distance instead of x and y - the whole list is in the help file here.

Because so many commands do involve picking points, that point entry UI is in that dedicated spot in the bottom toolbar instead of being in the options area inside each command's UI. In some of my very earliest designs it was in the options area, but it was taking up a huge amount of space and repeated very frequently, that's why it got moved into that dedicated location.

That control does a kind of "double duty" though - it not only allows for entering points but it also shows you the location of the point under your mouse if you are moving the mouse around to pick instead of typing in a coordinate.

> Michael, what do you think? Is this possible to do?

Yup, it's definitely a good idea, and it's actually been a part of MoI since the very first 1.0 beta release! :)

- Michael