Easies way to create an object in exact location

 From:  Anis
1727.21 In reply to 1727.20 
Hi Michael,

Yes, i think the workflow in Moi will be :

- pick object to move, then base line / point for movement
- pick the ref line / point
- then a UI appear to input the distance

I have use SW, but I am very like the workflow and easy of Moi.
So, use Moi as supplement software is a right choice for me.

One of important thing that I want to look in Moi ( In V2 ) is how you can give me / us "a feature" that will help a Moi user to put an object in exact location without any problem and of course easily.

I wish this will be one of your focus in V2 after on drawing on surface & Object properties.
I believe, many Moi users need to put object with accuracy easily.... :-)

Keep Spirit Michael !!!!