Easies way to create an object in exact location

 From:  Michael Gibson
1727.20 In reply to 1727.19 
Hi Anis,

> BTW, its a big work to create this "xpert transform" in Moi ?

Well, anything that involves a lot of user interface can be quite a lot of work, I have to be careful about not making MoI become too heavy with so much stuff that it loses the "easy to use" ability of it. That can tend to make me take a slow approach to adding functions that add a lot of interface along with them.

I would also sort of worry a bit in this case about giving MoI the appearance of having constraints when it really does not have them.

But I'll think about it some more, at first I thought it might not really be possible to combine with Move very well because what you are showing there needs to select an "object" which is a different type of pick than a "point location" type of pick. But if I do it in kind of the reverse order from what you show - pick the center of the circle first, then that is more in line with the flow of how Move currently works so maybe that could work. I'm not sure yet though.

- Michael